Workshops & Trainings


In addition to sharing resources and strategies here on my website and through email, I regularly offer trainings locally (in the St. Louis area) and online. Workshops cover a range of issues related to self-care/stress management and emotional eating/health. Here is a sample of specific presentations I’ve given: 

  • Achieving Work-Life Balance: How to Stop Selling Yourself Short (for sales people)

  • Ending Emotional Eating: How to Stop Using Food to Cope With Life

  • Self-Care for the Overworked Woman: 5 Steps to Get Out of Your Head & Back Into Your Life

  • Mastering Mindfulness: 5 Steps to Get You Back in Your Life

  • The Art of Self-Care for Therapists

  • Simple Tips to Beat the Holiday Bustle

  • 10 Steps to Stress Free Living

  • Improving Your Sleep Without Ambien

  • Tips on Building Self-Care into Your Routine Without Feeling More Overwhelmed

  • How to Boost Your Energy and Manage Food Cravings Naturally

If you’re interested in having me present for your group, please contact me to make arrangements.