12 Weeks to Ending Emotional Eating

Have a normal relationship with food without running to the refrigerator every time you feel lonely, bored, or sad.

If you find yourself using food as a way to comfort and escape the stresses of life, my 12 Weeks to End Emotional Eating program will help you identify the feelings that trigger your episodic and erratic eating. When you learn to let go of the obsession with food as a coping mechanism, you'll find more mental energy to spend on other things which will give you a feeling of decreased stress and greater control. Over time you'll experience improved self-esteem and self-confidence when you learn how to accept the range of emotions you feel without numbing out. 

Before working with M.L., she was unable to maintain focus or control her impulses. We started by minimizing her sugar intake and cutting out artificial dyes such as found in candy. With my guidance she improved her ability to manage her time, accomplished tasks by setting small manageable goals, and started an exercise program. As a result of working on these habits, she gained the focus and mental energy to finally graduate college and began her career.

FEE:  4 payments of $390 each or save 10% when you choose to make a one-time payment of $1400


Session 1:  Defining Emotional Eating

Session 2:  Knowing Your Hunger

Session 3:  Role of Emotions in ‘Emotion’al Eating

Session 4:  Uncovering Your Emotional Triggers

Session 5:  Coping Beyond Food

Session 6:  Improving Self-Talk and Body Image

Session 7:  Your Identity Beyond Weight

Session 8:  Necessary Life Skills

Session 9:  Food Rules and Awareness

Session 10:  The Do’s and Don’ts of Emotional Eating

Session 11:  Riding Out Your Cravings

Session 12:  Putting It All Together

Bonus: Maintenance Session

Lisa Mullis