Who I work with

I work primarily with overworked, stressed-out women experiencing insomnia, anxiety and depression, and/or auto-immune disorders. I also work with women who have mental and physical issues that are manifesting as problematic emotional eating and weight fluctuations.

Another important group of individuals I work with are helping professionals, such as doctors, therapists, and clergy. This unique subset of individuals are often so busy taking care of everyone else, they leave little to no time to take care of themselves. They are often bogged down by the emotional stressors and intense demands of their jobs and have difficulty “leaving work at work.” Being a mental health professional and having facilitated a clergy support group for two years, I understand first-hand what helping professionals struggle with, and I am honored to continue supporting and lifting up these amazing caregivers.

Your probability of success

You will be most successful working with me if you are:

  • Motivated to want your life to be better.

  • Willing to do the inner work required (with guidance and support from me of course!).

  • Willing to take new action steps that may be different than what you have always done.

  • Able to work towards a better life even if you don’t always feel you deserve it.

My role in your success

A competent wellness coach does far more than meet with you and dole out assignments. He or she is also working to:

  • Discover the underlying cause of your issues.

  • Educate you.

  • Provide you with a plan for establishing new routines and habits.

  • Promote accountability.

  • Provide encouragement and supportive tools.