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Coaching and counseling that puts you back into your life

Do you wake up exhausted because you had another night of terrible sleep and dreading how you will possibly make it through your day?

Are you hit-or-miss with things like exercise, healthy eating, and maintaining personal boundaries?

Do you feel so high-strung and anxious that even the idea of trying to relax stresses you out even more?

Do you feel bogged down by all the constant chatter in your head and your never-ending to do list?

Do you often use food as a way to comfort yourself when you feel bored, lonely, sad, or procrastinate doing other things you should be doing?

Many overworked women struggle with stress, depression, anxiety, and autoimmune disorders that lead to insomnia, troubled relationships, erratic eating behaviors, and general lack of energy and burnout. While medication can help ease the symptoms, until the root causes are identified and addressed, there will be little to no lasting improvement.

Through my programs like 30 Days to Claim Your Calm and 12 Weeks to Ending Emotional Eating, we’ll work together to create a consistent, actionable plan that truly fits your busy lifestyle. You’ll learn how to:

  • clear your plate, so you can free up your precious time and energy

  • set boundaries and say no without all the guilt

  • stop obsessing over your to-do list so you get more done even if you think you have no extra time in your day

  • pull the plug on your people-pleasing ways so you’re not fueled by fear of what others think or disappointing them

  • shed the constant fatigue and exhaustion you feel and start feeling energized, focused, and productive

  • ask for help with ease and delegate so you can take more off your plate

  • easily incorporate self-care into your busy day to lower your stress and overwhelm

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Hi! I’m Laura

As a licensed mental health therapist and certified wellness coach, I have the dual expertise to help you work through the subconscious beliefs sabotaging your progress. Together, we will establish and successfully achieve your wellness goals. Having personally experienced and resolved many of the same health problems that I now treat, I truly understand the struggles you go through to improve your life. With conflicting health information, you might be feeling overwhelmed and confused about what to do and where to turn. Let me help you get to the root of your issues and establish new habits that will create the healthy outlook and lifestyle you want and deserve. 

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