10 Weeks to Minimizing Depression and Anxiety

Reduce the depression and anxiety you so often feel as a result of living an overstressed, overwhelming life.

If you feel weighed down by an inexplicable heaviness, struggle to muster the enthusiasm for things that used to bring you joy, or feel stressed-out by the idea of trying to relax, my 10 Weeks to Minimize Depression and Anxiety program will help you find a whole new level of peace and enjoyment. In addition to sleeping better and having more energy, you'll see marked improvements in your relationships, and your ability to cope with life's stressors. You'll also experience a reduced dependency on medication and improved gut health. 

After working with P.T. to reduce her negative self-talk, cut out processed foods, develop a consistent sleep schedule as well as an exercise plan, she has gone from experiencing rather deep depression and significant anxiety to being able to hold consistent employment and move out on her own.

FEE:  4 payments of $325 each or save 10% when you choose to make a one-time payment of $1170



Session 1:  Causes of Depression & Anxiety

Session 2:  Difficulty Handling “Negative” Emotions

Session 3:  How Your Self-Talk Affects Depression & Anxiety

Session 4:  Role of Food in Depression and Anxiety

Session 5:  How Sleep Affects Depression and Anxiety

Session 6:  Stress Management for the Depressed and Anxious

Session 7:  Role of Vitamins, Supplements, and Medications

Session 8:  Additional Supports and Strategies

Session 9:  Using Technology

Session 10:  Putting It All Together

Bonus:  Maintenance Session

Lisa Mullis