8 Weeks to Improved Autoimmune Health

Minimize, if not completely resolve, the symptoms of your autoimmune disorder.

Being diagnosed and living with an autoimmune disorder can feel overwhelming and frustrating at times. Symptoms are not always hard to pinpoint, and often require a combination of tactics to reduce or eliminate. If you are suffering from the effects of an autoimmune disorder or understand what should be done but need help implementing a sustainable plan, my 8 Weeks to Improved Autoimmune Health program will provide a clear path. You'll experience a reduction in such symptoms as fatigue and join pain and see a noticeable improvement in your mood and skin appearance. Ultimately getting a handle on your autoimmune disorder will promote a lifetime of less pain and better quality of life.

After years of suffering from her autoimmune disorder, I helped S.R. begin food journaling during which time we discovered she was sensitive to gluten and dairy. Once she cut these out of her diet, she experienced significant improvements in her health, including a reduction in inflammation and pain.

FEE:  4 payments of $275 each or save 10% when you choose to make a one-time payment of $990


Session 1:  Causes of Autoimmune Disorders

Session 2:  Role of Food in Autoimmune Disorders

Session 3:  Food in Autoimmune Disorders (Continued)

Session 4:  Leaky Gut and Autoimmune Disorders

Session 5:  Toxins, and How They Affect Autoimmune Disorders

Session 6:  Importance of Detoxing

Session 7:  Other Health Support

Session 8:  Putting It All Together

Bonus:  Maintenance Session

Lisa Mullis