8 Weeks to Improved Sleep

Get the deep restorative sleep you want and deserve.

If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, and wake up feeling exhausted, my 8 Weeks to Improved Sleep program will help you find relief from restless nights. With better sleep patterns at night, you'll have more energy throughout the day. You'll see an improvement in your mood with a greater tolerance for life's frustrations which in turn will lead to stronger inter-personal relationships and increased productivity at work. You'll increase your ability to handle stress and decrease your susceptibility to colds or the flu with better hormonal balance.

Client H.M. was suffering from anxiety and depression primarily due to lack of sleep. I helped her establish a healthy sleep routine that among other things included sleep journaling, yoga, and magnesium supplementation. She is now getting 8 restful hours of sleep per night, and the impact this has had on her mental health has been remarkable. 

FEE:  4 payments of $275 each or save 10% when you choose to make a one-time payment of $990


Session 1:  Introduction & causes of insomnia

Session 2:  The Components for Ideal Sleep

Session 3:  How to Create an Ideal Sleep Environment

Session 4:  Putting Anxiety to Bed

Session 5:  Substances and Supplements That Can Help and Hinder Sleep

Session 6:  Using Food to Improve Sleep

Session 7:  Technology and Your Sleep

Session 8:  How to Keep It Going

Bonus:  Maintenance Session

Lisa Mullis