At Albers Mind and Body Wellness, I help stressed-out women suffering from sleep, stress, and mood problems regain balance and optimal function. Instead of trying to treat symptoms, I use coaching and counseling techniques to address the root causes of issues and to reconnect the mental and physical aspects of a person’s health. 

I offer the following programs as structured approaches to identify areas of pain and concern and establish new habits that will support the holistically healthy lifestyle you seek. While in-person sessions are optimal, I can offer coaching sessions via telephone for your convenience.


Primary health issues treated


Anxiety / Depression

Autoimmune Disorders

Emotional Eating

Stressed-out Helping Professionals


Get the deep restorative sleep you want and deserve.

Minimize, if not completely resolve, the symptoms of your autoimmune disorder.


Have a normal relationship with food without running to the refrigerator every time you feel lonely, bored, or sad.


Reduce the depression and anxiety you so often feel as a result of living an overstressed, overwhelming life.


Gain the energy to take care of yourself so you can take better care of others.


General Coaching

If you don’t identify with the specific issues my programs address, or if you’re feeling stuck and wanting more from your life, I also offer generalized coaching that will move you into a greater place of wellness and happiness with your life and relationships.