How to get out of your next anxiety attack


In today’s fast-paced society, with never ending to-do lists and endless amounts of information right at our fingertips, it’s no wonder anxiety is the most common mental health issue. Anxiety affects over 40 million Americans each year, about 18% of the population!

If you’ve ever experienced an anxiety or panic attack, then you know first-hand just how scary and unbearably frustrating they can be, and if you suffer from them frequently, you know how hopeless you can feel about ever living a normal life. But as a mental health therapist and wellness coach who treats anxiety daily, I can tell you that there is hope. You can learn new ways to cope with your anxiety and can even begin to prevent anxiety attacks.

While you can feel powerless and overwhelmed in these highly anxious situations, there are things you can say to yourself (and shouldn’t say to yourself) to move through these anxious moments in a quicker, less panicked way.

In this article, featured on Mind Body Green, I discuss the most helpful things you can say to yourself to get out of your next anxiety attack.

Laura AlbersComment