Welcome! I'm Laura Albers

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My mission is to help high-achieving, people pleasing working women, just like you, who are constantly exhausted and overwhelmed, to reclaim your energy, focus, and fun. Essentially, I help put YOU back in YOUR life!

Does that sound as impossible as running a marathon when you can barely get off the couch?

Well trust me, I get it; I've been there. And I'm here to tell you it's not, even though I know it feels like it right now.

I was once one of those high-achieving, overworked, and overwhelmed women just like you. And while I still work hard and achieve high, I now have balance and sanity in my life. I am here to teach, support, and motivate my sisterhood on their journey to achieving balance and serenity in their lives. 

I've already helped countless women get out of the rabbit hole of constantly giving to others at the expense of their health, happiness, and sanity, and it's time for you to gain that peace and excitement back in your life.

So how did I get here?

My Story

I was fortunate to know since 7th grade that I was meant to be a mental health therapist. I took my first intro psychology class and I was hooked. It may have also been in my DNA, as both my parents are in the helping field, my mom being a school nurse and my dad a counselor before ultimately becoming a school superintendent.

So I set out on my schooling and earned my Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and worked with children, adolescents, and men and women from all walks of life.

I received specialized training as a trauma therapist and began to see that most of the people I was working with had experienced trauma at some point in their lives, often starting in childhood. However, I began seeing that my clients were often so caught up in their day to day stresses that reliving something heavy like trauma was often too crippling a burden to carry.

I wouldn't understand until years later THE crucial piece that was missing.

Being a hard-working, high-achieving mental health clinician, within a couple of years, I was promoted to Clinical Director at the agency for troubled youth I had been working at. While this was an amazing career opportunity, it also took its toll.

I was so overworked at my 60 plus hour per week, always-on-call, new position; where I would come home after a long day only to do more work. It wasn't too long before I started experiencing some health concerns. I began having memory issues, constant fatigue, sky high anxiety, and would snap for no reason.

Then I started having really weird symptoms, like piercing pain and swelling in my jaw, severe dry mouth, body aches and pains, weight gain, insomnia; you name it, I had it.

I was later diagnosed with Sjogren's Autoimmune Disorder, Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, and Adrenal Fatigue. Pretty scary stuff, right?

Not to mention the strain it put on my marriage and friendships, since I was constantly at work (whether I was physically there, mentally there, or most often, both).

I felt so drained and exhausted; every ding of the constant emails felt like another nail in the coffin.

However, it was these health crises that actually caused-ACTUALLY FORCED-me to make a change.

As tough of a decision as it was to make, I ended up quitting my job.

I went to work for a counseling agency that taught and encouraged this thing I'd never heard of…self-care.

Little did I know I was getting ready to embark on the most important and life changing path I'd ever been on.

I started learning what self-care was. I began slowing down and reprioritizing where I was spending my time and what was important to me. 

And sure enough, I began to heal and feel better. My sleep improved and that constant brain fog I'd had for years began to lift. I was so much more present in my relationships, especially with myself and with my husband. I began to have fun again and really felt like my old self again.

Yep, I was hooked!…

Once I had established my own self-care practice and saw the remarkable positive changes it had in all aspects of my life, it finally hit me.

Self-Care was THE missing piece all along!

It felt so great, I decided to become a certified wellness coach through the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP). I went on to became an IAWP Master Level Coach, and have been able to coach and mentor IAWP students from all over the world! What an honor and an amazing personal and professional journey it’s been!

I’m able to fuse my expertise in coaching and counseling to provide that missing piece for women who are so overwhelmed, overworked, and overextended in their lives.

If you're interested in starting a career in wellness, check out this free webinar on " The 5 Essentials to Start a Career as a Health & Wellness Coach"

I can help you if...

  • You're so overwhelmed, the thought of adding anything else to your plate gives you a panic attack!

  • You're so exhausted and constantly tired after your family and everyone else gets the crumbs of you, there's literally nothing left.

  • You've begun some self-care practices like occasional exercise or one time you said no to someone, but you need help creating a consistent, actionable plan that really fits your busy lifestyle.

  • You often use food to cope with everything; whether it's to celebrate awesome life events, free you from boredom, comfort yourself when you are sad, or to procrastinate when you "should" be working on something else.

Let’s get your life back

Don't wait as long as I did!

You can start making small changes TODAY to lower your stress levels and put yourself back on top.

All it takes is a simple click of this pretty pink button below to get your complimentary Claim Your Calm Call. You've got nothing to lose... but the stress and overwhelm! 


Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC)

Certified Wellness Coach through the International Association of Wellness Professionals (IAWP)

Masters of Science in Clinical Psychology (MS)

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (TF-CBT)


What My Tribe Is Saying

"I struggled with the guilt I felt about not doing enough for my family, when in fact I was doing too much for them! Because of Laura's Self-Care Program, I have begun delegating tasks and setting boundaries and no longer feel the exhaustion and resentfulness of doing everything myself. And best of all, I am teaching my kids some much needed life skills, and they actually enjoy helping me!" ~ Carol S.

"I was so exhausted by the time I finally decided to do something about it. I decided to take a chance with Laura because I felt like she could relate to what I was going through. She helped me to see I am worthy of the happiness I wanted and that I could let go of the guilt I felt anytime I asked for help or took a little me time. One of the most helpful tools was my absolute no tool I could use to gain back more of my time and figure out what I wanted and didn't want in my life. Laura's program changed my relationship with everyone, but importantly, with myself." ~ Jessica H.

"Before working with Laura, I was so bogged down with my job and working crazy hours. My stress was through the roof! She helped me work through the specific areas causing me the most headaches so I could enjoy work more and have less on my plate. Now I am thinking about what's after this job, and for the first time, I'm feeling like I deserve better. It's been so amazing to have someone like Laura with me during the hard times." ~Suzanne C.